Free Run

arena part one


I woke up. I didn’t sleep well. It’s hard to sleep when tied up. Got an ache in my back and an itch on my nose that just wouldn’t go away. I was woken up by the Orc captain I met earlier. I didn’t catch his name. Something with lots of G’s and R’s. Gggrrr? Orc’s have silly names. He moved me to a new cell with 4 other people. I recognised one of them as Oswald Pineshadow, a fine young goblin from my tribe. Lovely boy, lots of potential. Good musician. He can play the bag pipes oh so well and he has such a way with words. We started communicating in our native tongue about escape plans but decided against it when a fellow prisoner called Charles Defoe overheard our conversation and pointed out the strength of the guards. Mr. Defoe is an Orc but speaks with the grace of a human or even an elf. Very lovely man. I’m sure he will support our cause giving his civilised upbringing. The other two prisoners were humans. We kept our distance. They seemed a little…edgy around us but helped us greatly when we were thrown into the arena later that day. We were given a little time to prepare ourselves but where then forced to face the mother fucking Gloomrock tribe in combat. Of course we destroyed those uncivilised treacherous fuckers within minutes. Shows what great affect intellect has on a battle situation. Bet they wish they followed me now. The second round was a little harder. We faced 5 Ogres almost straight after the Gloomrocks. They were strong. A fine example of the power of giant races. Almost seemed a shame to put an end to their lives. But we are fighting for our survival and alls fair on a battle field. Now we are waiting for round 3 of 5. I hope its not too hard. I for one am fucking tired.




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