Free Run



Its evening time in the town of Giragal, a low mist descends on the town as the sound of music and laughter buzzes from the drunken dragon tavern. Inside the crowded bar a small person snarls at the humans that surrounds him, the plump barmen strolls over to Oswald Pineshadow and ask in a jolly voice. “what can i get you” he then retreats in fear as he stares into his red gleaming eyes. “3 flagons of mead” Ozwald replied, in a harsh whisper. The barman slowly reached under the bar, eyes still fixed on Ozwalds face. a second later 3 flagons where in front of Ozwold he threw some money at the barmen, and skulked off to a table next to the fire; to join his companion’s. A map was strewn across the table, as Ozwald approached the smaller of the heroes who’s face was covered spoke in giant, “why are we here with these skum Ozwald” as Ozwald pulled up an armchair, and sat next to his companions. As the words left the heroes mouth a few nearby townsfolk threw them fearful looks and shuffled away from there table. Ozwold replied in giant “we needed to restock, so please just behave we cant afford a conflict at the moment.” as Ozwold passed out the flagons to his friends. As the heroes drank they disgusted there plans as they pondered over the map



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