Conquers Empire

King Of The Goblins!


5th level goblin rogue str 15 dex 21 con 16 int 14 wis 12 cha 9 hp 45 ac 18 FF 13 T 16 fort 4 ref 9 will 2 BAB 3 CMB 6 CMD 19


i am scared of a lack of concious thought.animals. they live like us but with no control over thier actions. primal, instinctive. a creture with no sense of right or wrong is not truely living at all. because of this i fear animals. dogs, cats, rabbits, all of them.i am always a bit unnerved around them. a sense of ferrality you dont get with any other cretures. i feel goblins are treated on this level by others and want to stand out from the masses by showing a sense of concionse decision making rather than savage brutality.

Conquers Empire

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